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Androzic alternatīva “zaļajam” OziExplorer for Android

Kamēr oficiālā OziExplorer android versija vēl ir “zaļa” un nelietojama iesakām lietot Androzic.

Androzic iespējas:

  • map index, switch between maps
  • zoom and drag maps
  • downloadable world map for dummies
  • online maps (OSM and more)
  • show current position and movement direction
  • show basic information: speed, course, elevation
  • look ahead
  • show current track and store it in file
  • track in background
  • load/save tracks from/to file
  • track management (name, color, visibility)
  • edit track (cut endings), view track details
  • convert track to route
  • add/project new waypoint
  • waypoint management (name, description, coordinates)
  • load/save waypoints from/to file
  • route management (name, color, visibility)
  • create new/edit existing route
  • load/save route
  • load waypoints, tracks and routes in kml and gpx format
  • navigation to waypoint
  • navigation via route
  • HSI and compass displays
  • single speed leaps are filtered
  • units configurable
  • UTM coordinates format support
  • load best scale map periodically
  • search coordinates in various formats
  • search waypoints, tracks, routes
  • search locations via Google geocoder
  • share location and waypoints
  • receive coordinates via text messages
  • share location in real time
  • trackball, d-pad support
  • load arbitrary map
  • portrait and landscape modes
  • tablet (Honeycomb) compatible
  • configurable paths
  • localized to German, Bulgarian, Finnish, Dutch, Polish, French, Turkish, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Russian

Androzic mājas lapa http://androzic.com/

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