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Land Rover Festival 2013 (65th anniversary festival for admirers of Land Rover cars of 2013)

Festival is intended for the admirers of Land Rover cars, improvement of driving skills off- road, environmental cognition and development of community spirit. During festival you will participate in orienteering competition with a map, will look for answers to questions, will compete in special ranges of easy off-road, will perform tourist-physical tasks. You will be treated to supper and breakfast. Special inflatable playground will be functioning in the camp, fairy tale hero will play with children of the participants. In the evening you will be entertained listening to mature music, which makes you dance… In the morning you will have a possibility of canoeing, resting in the shade of the trees of the river Nevėžis, communicating with friends, you have not seen for a long time.

Download this file (LR_Festival_2013_EntryForm.doc)LR_Festival_2013_EntryForm.doc [ ] 109 Kb
Download this file (LR_Festival_2013_NuostataiLT.doc)LR_Festival_2013_NuostataiLT.doc [ ] 90 Kb
Download this file (LR_Festival_2013_RegulationENG.doc)LR_Festival_2013_RegulationENG.doc [ ] 84 Kb
Download this file (LR_Festival_2013_UstavRUS.doc)LR_Festival_2013_UstavRUS.doc [ ] 87 Kb

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