Mūs atbalsta

Seko mums


Road pasākumi - pasākumi kas domāti visiem auto tipiem. SUV pasākumi - pasākumi kas domāti 4x4 piedziņas auto. Offroad pasākumi - pasākumi kas domāti 4x4 piedziņas auto (ar pazemināto pārnesumu vai vinču).
Quad pasākumi
- pasākumi kas domāti kvadracikliem.





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Izlaista jauna OziExplorer Android verija

5.janvārī iznākusi jauna OziExplorer Android verija  1.10 (Beta) ar daudziem labojumiem un uzlabojumiem.

Download OziExplorer Software for Android Version 1.10

Download OziExplorer Android Screen Designer (version 1.10)

Program History


  • There is no need to uninstall the previous version (unless it is the very old alpha version).
  • This is a major update – there are many changes.
  • Please NOTE – the OziExplorer Android ID will change with this version – however we still check your license against the old ID as well so it still should work.
  • Press and hold on any button for 2 seconds to have displayed a hint of what the button does.
  • Added screen page file support and released the OziExplorer for Android Screen Designer to design your own screens.
  • Default page files are provided.
  • Page files designed using the Screen Designer can be loaded (Note : OziExplorerCE page files cannot be used).
  • A large number of new parameters have been added (too many to list here) – see the screen designer for the detail.
  • Nearest waypoint list has been added.
  • Added navigation to waypoint.
  • Added navigation along route.
  • PC OziExplorer Route files can be used.
  • Routes can be created on the device.
  • Added a line that is projected ahead along the direction of travel from your GPS position (options in configuration).
  • Find maps at current position added.
  • Name Search has been added.
  • Added configuration options for the new waypoints, route and navigation features.
  • Added support for different character sets (code pages) in data files. In configuration General Settings specify the code page that the data files are expected to be using (normally the character set used by Microsoft Windows on your PC).
  • 3 Odometers added.
  • Ability to send and receive positions by SMS.
  • Menus and Toolbars (Toolbars are just menus) can be modified by the user.

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