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OziExplorer klons iOS lietotājiem “Bit Map”

Tagad iOS ierīču lietotāji ar var lietot OziExplorer kartes uz savām jaukajām ierīcēm ar “Bit Map” aplikācijas palīdzību. Ceram tuvākā laikā notestēt un pastāstīt ko sīkāk par šo aplikāciju. Aplikācijas mājas lapa: http://nixanz.com/ios/bitmap/

Bit Map is an offline map viewer for your own topographic or specialised maps using common image file formats (eg, png, jpeg) or even ozf2 and ozfx3 (non-RC4 only) image files.  It works even when there is no phone or WiFi network available.  Store multiple maps on your iPhone, and switch between them. With Bit Map, you can view your own choice of maps, instead of generic maps chosen by somebody else, making it ideal for specialist maps with details not available on other mapping applications, such as highly detailed topographic maps obtained from your government mapping authority. Your topographic maps can also be viewed while offline with no cell phone or wifi network access, making it ideal for a wide range of outdoor pursuits in remote locations including bushwalking, hiking, treking, camping, cycling, touring.

Bit Map can use map images in OZF2 or OZFX3 format (non-RC4 only) or from many common bitmapped (raster) image file formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF or GIFF.  It can display large maps, and can even join several consecutive large maps into a single huge topographic map. The map size is limited only by the iPhone’s storage and memory capacity.

Some basic navigation features are also included, such as dynamically showing your current location on the map as well as recording and display of waypoints and routes.  Waypoints and routes can be imported and exported as KML files which can be used in desktop applications such as Google Earth.

Compatible Map Projections

Bit Map will display maps of any projection, however the location and navigation features will only work for the map projections listed below. When specifying the projection in an image filename for Bit Map, you must use the abbreviation specified here. Support for other projections my be included in future updates.


UTM Universal Transverse Mercator
latlon Latitude / Longitude


Recognised Map Datums

Map datums are mathematical definitions of the shape of the earth (the ‘ellipsoid’) combined with a relative offset of the ellipsoid’s origin from a known point. The following abbreviations represent the internationally recognised map datums that are compatible with Bit Map’s navigation and location features, and should be used as the datum component of file names before installing the files in Bit Map:

  • wgs84
  • wgs72
  • nad27
  • nad83
  • a-can
  • eur
  • tokyo
  • aus
  • osgb36
  • sam69
  • sad-69
  • pulkovo
  • eur50
  • eur50m
  • eur79m
  • agd66
  • agd84
  • gda94
  • grs80
  • rome40
  • sasia
  • s-42
  • potsdam
  • carthage
  • pulkovo
  • oid
  • lisboa
  • porto-santo


Compatible Image File Formats

JPEG is the preferred file format to minimise download times, as it has the best compression, however it’s compression does cause a reduction in image quality. Note that Bit Map converts all files it receives to JPEG, no matter what format they were originally in, and uses high compression (by default) in order to minimise the amount of storage space used up on the iPhone.

Bit Map can use original images zipped in any of the following file types:

  • Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) .jpg, .jpeg
  • Portable Network Graphic (PNG) .png
  • Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) .tiff, .tif
  • Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) .gif
  • OziExplorer 2 (OZF2) .ozf2 (non-RC4 only)
  • Portable Document Format (PDF) .pdf (single pages only)
  • Bit Map Optimised .bitmap
  • Mega Map Optimised .mega

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