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Looking forward to cooperate with 4×4 owners

Looking forward to cooperate with 4×4 owners
I am from Estonia and would like to get broadly started with a project that has never seen before (except in 4×4 forums).
If you are not interested in this, would you please pass my information to other people living in your country?
This is not a scam J
The idea is easy: collect as many 4×4 volunteers as possible and let their contacts and locations (doesn’t need to be exact locations) to be available on the new website that works in many countries so that people who are in a trouble in mud, ditch etc. can find the nearest 4×4 owner (by location) and can call him to ask for help. In Estonia, even State Rescue Board asks sometimes for our help.
Our web page is http://www.4x4help.eu and there are at present few Estonians who want to help others.
I continually collect the contacts and this list goes longer every day.
Therefore, it is safer to travel if you know that the help can be found from the specific web page if State Rescue cannot help.
So, I’m offering to the people from neighbor countries to join the project which is voluntary and FREE and offers great help.
If you are interested in this, please get back to me, and I will try to explain in more detail how it works at the moment and how it’s going to work when the web page is fully updated.
In brief I need:
1. Location (not address). Some nearest city?
2. Name, first name only
3. Car class: 1 (real off-road car or tractor), class2 (4×4 car with winch) class3 (usual street 4×4)
4. Time to answer the phone: 8am to 8pm or all 24 hours. (12h or 24h)
5. Language you speak EST, ING; LT, LV, RUS etc.
6. Phone number
Thank you for reading this!

Margo Hanni
(+372) 501 96 96

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