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Atbalsti Baikāla ekspedīciju!


Klaperjaht 2013 for Tiki Treiler’s awards

Klaperjaht 2013 takes place in Valga, at Jaanikese Motokeskus. This year´s event offers many new solutions to the organization of the race and the track reconstruction. Klaperjaht 2013 will be memorable and special event that has undertake positive developments. The track in Jaanikese will be this year more technical with new artificial track sections offering excitement for spectators as well. 50% of the track is visible for spectators and the other half is in the woods covering exciting streamside meadows and steep rises.

Klaperjaht 2013 is a part of European off-road series „Euro-Trophy” and also third race of Open Estonian Championship Series. We are expecting around 25 crews from different parts of Europe. Open Championship of Russian ATV Trophy Raid will take place within Klaperjaht 2013.  Competition consists of 3 days as always  and begins with qualification races on Friday afternoon. Competitors will compete for Championship points on Saturday and on last day will compete trucks.

You can enjoy good music and there will be trampolines available for kids. You can also get a VIP-ticket, which allows you to get some food and drinks from the VIP-tent, guarantees you an entrance to different VIP-zones and many-many more.

Saturday’s competition ends with the „Euro-Trophy” awarding ceremony and continues with concert.

Main sponsors of Klaperjaht 2013 are „Tiki-Treiler”, Metabo, 4x4Cruiser and MOTUL.  Metabo will show us very interesting spectacle and Ford will show their brand-new truck. As an extra bonus for all who will drive to Klaperjaht with Ford – free parking assured.

We would also like to thank the rest of our supporters, the biggest part of which has been with us for more than 2 seasons. You can read more about our partners on our web-site and also during the competition, where we will speak about all of them.

The price also includes an access to concerts, dancing evening and other. It is forbidden to leave under 16-year-old kids without any control during the competitions. Those, who will not conform to security and will distract other observers, will be taken to the police officers.

If you have a friend, family member or an idol among the other competitors and you wish to stay close to him or her with your tent throughout the competition, then this year it is completely allowed, you just have to follow the camping-rules. You can get more information about it from your competing friend or on our homepage www.klaperjaht.ee, section Riders.

Take your tents and sleeping bags and become a part of an exciting three-day-competition including all the fun of camping and concerts. We will build a campus, many provisions, water to wash your hands, bio toilets and many more things that you may need.


All the questions about the event are welcome: – GSM: +372 51 00657; e-mail: [email protected]

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